Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How does Sumos work?
    • Sumos is hacker alerts for connected devices. It is completely wireless. It unobtrusively scans and verifies the security of your smart home. Check out the first video above for how it works.
  2. Who's watching Sumos?
    • Our servers check for heartbeats from any of your connected devices, including Sumos. We check if anything has been compromised. We, the Sumos team, are watching the servers. Please see the video "When Hackers Force a Wifi Disconnect".
  3. Will Sumos slow down the network?
    • No, Sumos will not slow down the network. It monitors your network traffic unobtrusively. It inspects and detects known indicators of compromise and suspicious traffic patterns. It alerts you when they happen.
  4. Does Sumos provide unlimited antivirus software for cell phones? How about laptops, smart TV's, and wireless printers that connect to the home wifi?
    • We detect and check ALL devices connected to your home WiFi network. The biggest threats come from recently launched IoT (internet of things) devices. This is our focus. These devices have not been security hardened yet. We do not do malware and anti virus protection. Those who want that have many choices. Our main advantage is simplicity and focus on IoT devices. We don’t want to claim we solve all problems. We want to focus and please users in our target segment.


  1. How can I join your mailing list for launch updates and security tips?
    • Simply sign up. Thanks for your support!
  2. Can I invest and are you looking for agents and distributors?
    • We are always interested to expand and grow. Please connect with us through social media or and let’s start talking!
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Protect your home and loved ones. Gain peace of mind that everything is alright.